Community FAQs

Additional questions you may have

How do we become members of the swim/golf club? Contact the Wetherington Golf and Country Club at 755-2582 or visit their web site at Various types of memberships are available and all memberships categories are arranged directly through the club.

What should I do when I notice a streetlight is not working? Contact Debi Perkins or Teri Soriano ( at Towne Properties, phone number 874-3737. They will contact the correct party for the repair. The volunteer Property Management Committee oversees lighting, fences, gates, storm sewers and roads in the community.

When is trash picked up? Where do I put out my trash receptacle and recycling?
Collection day for trash is weekly on Wednesday mornings. Trash pick-up is contracted with Rumpke Trash Removal. Rumpke provides trash and recycling containers to each residence. The trash removal trucks usually collect in the neighborhood early on Wednesday mornings, so the trash and recycling receptacles should be placed at the street on Tuesday evening. Community restrictions require that trash receptacles must be removed from the curb by Wednesday night and stored out of sight. For replacement containers, please contact Teri Soriano at Towne Properties at 874-3737 or The cost of trash pick up in included in HOA dues.

Am I responsible for the trees along the street in my front yard?

For many residents and visitors, the Wetherington’s tree-lined street look is one our neighborhoods greatest assets.  The Community Association strives to continue the ambiance of a street tree-lined community look, and partners with residents to maintain our street trees. All homeowners’ cooperation is appreciated.

The Community Association maintains the street trees along Wetherington Drive from the Tylersville entrance to St. Ives, and along Eagle’s Wing Drive – basically between the white fence and the street.  Residents and the Community Association share responsibility for all other street trees as follows.  Residents are responsible for day-to-day care of street trees including: mulching (do not pile it up against the trunks), raking the leaves, picking up fallen branches, trimming branches on the “home/yard” side of the tree.  The Community Association is responsible for major maintenance items including:  trimming branches on the “street” side of the tree and trimming any “dead branches” in the tree.  If the street tree is an Ash tree, the Community Association is responsible for treating the Ash tree for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) while EAB is an issue in the Cincinnati area.  If the street tree dies or is dying, the resident and the Community Association share responsibility for replacing the tree as follows:  the Community Association will identify trees that need to be removed and will notify the resident.  The resident is responsible for having the tree removed and the stump ground down at the resident’s cost.  The Community Association is responsible for planting a replacement tree at Community Association cost.  Any questions regarding street trees can be directed to Towne Properties.

Do I need permission to change the paint color on the exterior of my house or add a patio, or room addition? Yes, the community has design restrictions so any outside changes such as room additions, pools, or paint colors, etc. must be submitted to the association for review. Applications are available by contacting Teri Soriano, Towne Properties at 874-3737 or

Can I have a play set or a fence in my backyard? Play sets are permitted, but require submittal of a design request to the property manager for review and approval by the Design Review Committee. If the lot borders the golf course, a sizable set-back from the course and masking with shrubs and trees are required. Perimeter fences are not permitted on any lots, except for code requirements regarding swimming pools.

Are bikes permitted on the walking paths? 

Bikes and golf carts are permitted. Caution is suggested at all times. Courtesy to walkers is of the utmost importance when using the paths. Note that anyone driving a golf cart on the path, or on the streets, MUST be a licensed driver in the State of Ohio and must have a valid driver’s license. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to drive golf carts in Wetherington.

Who is responsible for mailboxes? Each homeowner is responsible for their own mailbox. A standard mailbox is used throughout the community for continuity. Owners are required to maintain their mailboxes, i.e. post, door, brackets, numbers. Mailboxes should be kept straight and level for aesthetic reasons and numbers visible in the event an emergency vehicle needs to locate a residence. Debi Perkins at Towne Properties (874-3737 or has the telephone numbers of local businesses that repair and replace these mailboxes.

Are there any other rules or restrictions that residents should be aware of? Yes, all rules and restrictions are in the Homeowner covenants, but a few important ones to remember are below.

* Parking RVs, trailers, vans, or boats in driveways or on the streets overnight is not allowed.
* Political signs or business signs are not permitted and will be removed
* Dog owners are required to keep their unleashed pets on their property at all times. A leash is required when pets are taken off the owner’s property. As a courtesy to their neighbors, pet owners should clean up after their pets.
* Parking cars or other vehicles on the streets overnight is not allowed.

Entry Gates/Gate Keys

Obtaining a gate key card–Basic Policy: One gate card can be issued to each driver living in a residence upon completion of a written form and verification of a valid Ohio driver’s license showing the residence as the address on the license. Issuance of the initial gate card(s) costs $10 each. Replacement of lost or stolen cards costs $30. Exception: Upon purchasing a home, the seller should leave all their gate cards with the buyer. Two of those cards can be transferred ton two adults living in the home by completing a written form and verification of a valid driver’s license from any state. Any remaining gate cards are cancelled and new ones issued if there are additional licensed drivers also living in the home (see above).

Tylersville Gate–Both entrance and exit gates are open from 5:30AM through 11:30PM daily From 11:30 PM until 5:30AM the entrance gate requires a card to open while the exit gate can be opened by driving up to the gate, stopping and letting it open automatically.

Cincinnati-Dayton Road Gate–Both the entrance and exit gates are closed 24/7 and require a card to operate. However, from 11:30PM until 5:30AM, the exit gate can be opened by driving up to the gate, stopping and letting it open automatically.

Fairways Condos and Harbour Town interface gates—These gates cannot be used by Wetherington residents and cannot be operated with Wetherington gate cards.

Letting guests in when the gates are closed–Entry for non-residents is through front gate only. When the front entrance gate is closed, a guest can place a call on front gate call box to resident. The resident then hits 9 on their residence’s phone to open the gate remotely.

How do emergency personnel and school buses get in when gates are closed? Police, Fire, and Emergency Rescue crews are issued gate codes, which allow them entry in the event of an emergency. School buses also have gate codes allowing them to enter the community during the school year. All other non-resident vehicles must enter the Tylersville gate.

When and how is a new resident’s gate key application processed? Prior to the closing, the real estate agent should contact Teri Soriano ( at Towne Properties to arrange for gate key cards. Photocopies of the new resident’s Ohio driver’s license are necessary to obtain gate key cards. The new gate key cards may be obtained at closing by the new homeowners if all the proper arrangements have been successfully completed.